Week 10: Popular Communication

This week we continue our journey outside the ivory tower with a deep dive into writing for non-scientific audiences. We will focus on the Economist, a publication that writes very short, pithy articles about science papers.

We will also discuss another form of written communication that is very important to science - and that is the email.

Lecture Topics

  • Email etiquette and tips
    • ATIPP and ATIP
  • Writing for ‘lay’ audiences
    • Intro to And, but, therefore framework for building a narrative
  • Comparing an Economist article to its scientific paper

Prepare in Advance

Please read Drawing the line in advance of class. Please also skim This article which is the source for above

In-class Activities

  • Review Drawing the line and compare against original paper.
  • Begin popular writing assignment


Lecture slides

Slides available via speakerdeck