Week 12: Recap and wrap-up

November 27, 2017

We covered a lot of ground in this course. Today we will have time to collect feedback on final assignments, present podcasts, and then recap what we talked about during the course.

Lecture Topics

  • Peer review of popular article (again)
  • Podcast presentations and discussion
  • Course recap
  • Feedback

Prepare in Advance

  • Bring your revised popular article to class
  • Please have your <1 minute, 150 word audio file created prior to the class. Send it to Brett via Slack or email in advance, or bring it on a USB stick. Also submit the transcript to Brett.
  • Ensure you can access the Communications section of your Individual Development Plan from week 2 (recall: http://myidp.sciencecareers.org/).

In-class Activities

  • Peer review of popular article
  • PResent podcasts and discuss
  • Course feedback


Lecture slides

Slides available via speakerdeck