Week 6: Oral Presentations

You’ve proposed the study, completed it, and published it in a top-tier journal - and now it’s time to hit the conference circuit. In this lecture, you’ll learn how to create captivating talks that engage the audience with your research.

Lecture Topics

  • The structure, function, and purpose of science conferences
  • Types of talks - speed, regular, and plenary
  • Understanding the audience
  • Good science talks are stories
  • Focus: Slideshows
    • Fundamentals of slide design (big text, few words, great figures)
    • Presenting graphs
    • Crafting audience-appropriate graphics

In-class Activities

  • Presenting a graph
  • Preparing a three-minute proposal


Presenting a graph

Last week, we picked out a science paper. Take one figure from that paper and turn it into a Powerpoint slide. Present items in a stepwise manner - using animations to introduce each element one by one.

Prep: 15 min 2 minutes per student

Preparing three-minute-proposal

See the assignment guide for details. We will introduce the 3 minute proposal assignment and have some time to start preparing.

Lecture slides

Slides available via speakerdeck