FISH 6001: Ecology, Management, and Practice of North Atlantic Fisheries

This course meets twice per week:

T: 11:00-13:00 W3033/35 W: 09:00-11:00 W2058

(Unless otherwise specified by instructor)

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Course Schedule

Note while this course is organized by Dr. Brett Favaro it is delivered in two-week modules by other researchers, as outlined below.

Date Instructor Topic
Sept 12,13,19,20 Dr. Paul Winger Fish harvesting technology
Sept 26,27 Oct 3,4 Dr. Arnault Le Bris Population dynamics
Oct 12,17,18 Dr. Jonathan Fisher The Northwest Atlantic ecosystem
Oct 24,25,31 Nov 1 Dr. Scott Grant Fisheries management
Nov 7,8,14,15 Dr. Sherrylynn Rowe Fisheries assessment
Nov 21,22,28,29 Dr. Deepika Dave Post-harvest