Week 5: Displaying Data Visually 1

Visually displaying data through figures is a critical part of producing high quality science. The amount of information you can glean from a well-designed figure is impressive, and so today we will learn how to make basic figures in R.

Lecture Topics

In this lecture we will explore a specific dataset and learn some basic data visualization literacy:

  • Discrete versus continuous data
  • Basic principles of graphs, including data:ink ratio
  • Basic plot synatax in ggplot2 and base plot


See this resource for basic plotting: http://r4ds.had.co.nz/data-visualisation.html

ggplot2 cheat sheet: https://www.rstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/ggplot2-cheatsheet.pdf

R base plot cheat sheet: http://publish.illinois.edu/johnrgallagher/files/2015/10/BaseGraphicsCheatsheet.pdf

Here is full documentation for the lubridate package: https://lubridate.tidyverse.org/

Details - Week 5


I drive a plug-in hybrid electric car and I track all details about each trip we take. The dataset contains many different types of data and requires some basic data manipulation to be usable.

We will step through some basic graphs, using both ggplot and base plot.

R Project

Week 5 project folder

Lecture Slides

Slides available via speakerdeck