Week 6: Visual Display of Data Part 2

This week we will continue our exploration of graph-making in R. We now know how to make plots, but let’s learn to make them beautiful and easier to interpret.

Lecture Topics

  • Comparison of base plot and ggplot2 for scatterplots and barplots
  • Basic syntax for above
  • Using colour and gradients
  • Pros and cons of ggplot2 vs base
  • Specialty plots for: - Paired points - Proportions


The most important resource this week is the ggplot2 cheat sheet

Details: Week 6


Everyone should make one publication-quality plot from the BrettsCar dataset, incorporating a few design elements. These elements could include:

  • colour scales
  • altered axes
  • interesting use of themes

We will present these next week

Code and Data

Week 6 project

Lecture slides

Slides available via speakerdeck