Week 8: Collecting and Managing Tidy Data

Last week we learned some basic error-checking and cleanup of dataset that contain errors.

This week, we will take a step further, and you will create a new dataset and attach it to existing data.

We will also discuss some issues that are associated with data collection - particularly fieldwork. We will discuss field safety and harassment. We will also talk about data management, and how to plan to preserve data collected during a study.

Lecture Topics

  • Safety in the field
    • Physical safety
    • Financial safety
    • Harassment and bullying
  • Creating a datasheet and appending other data



Data Management:

Today’s activity:

In-class activities

Code and Data

You will be given physical datasheets for Part A

Part B’s CSV file is below. Please do not open it until you have completed Part A.

Part C’s SPSS file:

Part D’s Otolith age data:

Solution code:

Clean datasets for part A, and a complete dataset

Lecture slides

Slides available via speakerdeck