Week 1: Introduction and the Philosophy of Statistics

In these lectures we will introduce the course itself and demonstrate how it fits into the MI Fisheries Science course ecosystem.

We will then cover some basics about statistical terminology, and review how R Projects work so we can hit the ground running next week.

Lecture Topics

  • Introduction to the course and review of assignments
  • Reviewing statistal terminology
  • Reviewing basic logic of (frequentist) statistical analysis

In-class Activities

  • Determine presentation schedule for above
  • Introduction to R Projects, and reviewing a sample project

Pre-class Prep

Please download R and R Studio, and make sure you know how to install packages.


Please re-familiarize yourself with R and R Studio. The FISH 6002 materials are available.

Additional Resources



Part 1:

Part 1 via speakerdeck

Part 2: Part 2 via speakerdeck