Week 6: Generalized Linear Models

In fisheries and ecology, we run into many types of data. Counts are among the most common. So are densities, and 0/1 data.

In this lecture we will learn about the concept of a Generalized Linear Model (GLM) and explore how they can be used to deal with the above types of data.

Lecture Topics

  • Intro to GLMs
  • Poisson distributions for count data
  • Negative binomial distributions for count data
  • Binomial logistic regression for 0’s and 1’s
  • Validation for each of the above

In-class Activities

As always, this class will have a mixture of R code and lecture slides

Minor Assignment 2

Pre-class Prep

Have a look at the website for the visreg package - a helpful tool for visualizing model output.


We will use data from the below paper for one exercise. Read if you like:




Slides available on Speakerdeck